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“Student directed or teacher led. You have the options your students need to be successful.”

Truth in Science© is truly unique and cutting edge in the realm of Christian science curriculums. No other science curriculum incorporates all of the components contained within this curriculum.

student directed

In addition to the Biblical worldview presentation of science and the assurance that your students will receive a solid science education as recognized by national science standards, Truth in Science© has been formatted to bring the two most desired teaching methods into one curriculum.

The traditional Teacher-led method is anchored by one of the most comprehensive Teacher’s Editions (TE) on the market. It is full of instructive and pertinent Biblical worldview and integrated with solid, proven scientific instruction. The TE contains material that the instructor will find invaluable as he prepares to instruct his student in the differences between true science and faith-driven suppositions. Each lesson comes with three distinct sections to be utilized in instruction: 1) Teacher’s Commentary sidebars give the instructor priceless worldview information regarding the day’s lesson subject; 2) TAB sections at the bottom of each page contain interesting facts, quotes, and examples of faith, science, and worldview insights; and 3) the Teach and Apply section includes worldview instruction and science instruction. An additional Science Instruction section focuses on the science that the students need to perform well on standardized tests.

For those educators who choose not to use the Teacher Edition for instruction, the Student Steps are the perfect answer. These chapter-long workbooks correspond to each chapter in the TE. They contain the same number of lessons (11) and are also used as a workbook in the teacher-led setting. Therefore, the student who is taught using this method will receive solid worldview and science instruction. The Steps may be used as an independent student-led program of instruction to be completed with little adult supervision (for safety reasons, adult supervision should be used for Lab activities). The Student Steps give the Instructor and the student the opportunity to choose the level of interaction desired. The Steps are truly flexible.

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