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Gary Dressler

Gary Dressler spent twenty years in the public Truth In Science Editor Gary Dresslereducation sector, after which he joined Creation Truth Foundation and served as a Worldview Specialist and Director of the Institute for Biblical Worldview Studies for three years. He co-authored, along with Dr. Thomas Sharp, The Foundations for a Biblical Worldview, and has authored various DVD programs, including The War of the Ages. He now works for Blue Channel Media, LLC as an Administrator and Copy Editor.

Editorial Consultant

Jim Fletcher

Jim Fletcher served 12 years as senior editor for Master Books, the world’s largest publisher of creationism materials. He has a B.A. in Truth In Science Editorial Consultant Jim FletcherJournalism from College of the Ozarks. With 20 years of experience in newspaper and book publishing, he now works with Blue Channel Media from his home-base in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. He and his wife, Dianna, have four children.

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