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Truth In Science Reviews


Customer Feedback

Samantha Lloyd

"Hello! We love Truth in Science and have been telling EVERYONE about it! I wanted to share my review with you!

Truth in Science is an incredible program that the next generation of homeschoolers needs to seriously consider to shape our Christian Worldview. Many of us have lost our sense of urgency to protect our freedom for homeschooling and we have been desensitized to the prevalent evolution teachings in our media. We have also lost the absolute authority of Jesus Christ in all that we learn, teach, do and think in our lives.

This science program is great for any style homeschooler (teaching multi-ages or a single student), It can be self led or used as a discussion tool for the family! The teacher's book is chock full of useful additives that makes it worth the money! Labs are meant to use household ingredients and not to be complicated. If you wish for a heavy science curriculum with labs than Considering God's Creations curriculum would be a good match with this program.

On the other hand, this program is intended to teach the parent and student an approach of ownership to what you believe, why you believe it and what you intend to do with your belief in the authority of Christ in the realm of science and your worldview.

Many homeschoolers have long gone the route of the established Apologia curriculum for younger grades and burning their kids out with memorization and too much science without establishing the "why" according to Christ. This program is refreshing and allows the homeschooling family to take leadership, ownership and authority over their homeschooling program and to once again establish Christ at the front of all we do, rather than be wishy-washy Christians who shy away from conflict because we do not have the scientific authority in Christ and we do not know why we believe what we believe. Our family is enjoying grade 6! We are using it with our 5th and 3rd grader. We plan on using grade 5 next year with our family! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Odell Walters

“We are very impressed with the curriculum. We plan to use it next semester in our intermediate classroom. Thanks for such a comprehensive, attractive, Christian, easy to use curriculum."

Shanna Adkins, Wheeler, IL

“Teaches student to Evaluate & determine if the text is science or beliefs!!! The most important part of book to me. Doesn't just put scripture in the book, points out that real science supports the Bible. I like how the student reads text & shortly after reinforces the concept by answering questions, not waiting until they complete a large section.

Gives an understandable solution/answer to problem areas of science - such as different types of apples are variations of an apple, they do not change into tomatoes. Stongly puts evolution back into the realm of beliefs/religion not science…. Colorful. Well written.”

Industry Reviews

Sonya Haskins, The Home School Advocate

Author: Homeschooling for the Rest of Us; Homeschooler’s Book of Lists

“I like the way you have the curriculum designed as far as starting with a foundation of understanding worldview, then progressing to classification, specific scientific categories and then on to more advanced topics of study….

As for content, it is excellent and I believe it will continue to fill the need for good-quality curricula based on the principle of understanding worldview and perspective when studying science. I see already that you guys have included the essential concept of hypothesizing and testing scientific theories rather than just allowing someone to say that the earth is a billion years old….

Thank you so much for allowing me to review your curriculum. I will post a review online and also I’ll make a recommendation to STL that they carry this curriculum. We are quite picky about the products we offer to the stores and your curriculum has come through with flying colors.”

Jess Listwan and Donna Krahn

Rainbow Resources

“Other Bible-based science curriculums integrate worldview as it applies to the concepts, while TIS teaches the concept of worldview and then looks at science through that filter.

TIS offers a broader view of science in a one-year span than Apologia, God’s Design, or Investigate the Possibilities.

The design is eye-catching and the reading is broken up into smaller chunks…. The graphics and photos are great. The professional design will help it stand out from AOP LIFEPACs and so, although it is a new arrival to the scene, it will look as snazzy and professional as Bob Jones or ACSI.

All in all, we think TIS has a lot to offer our customers and are definitely excited to be able to offer it.”

Jim Fletcher, WorldNetDaily

“As American culture has degenerated into a dark alley of moral relativism and narcissism, more and more parents have taken the radical step of educating their children at home.

And as the culture becomes more Darwinian, it is no accident that a growing number of home educators are looking for curriculum that counters the death culture that the high priest of naturalism brought forth. Now, for the first time, the public has access to a year-long science curriculum that is heavily weighted with a biblical worldview.

The brainchild of Creation Truth Foundation founder G. Thomas Sharp, "Truth in Science" ( is the most comprehensive science curriculum I've ever seen and has a chance to seriously impact the nation's youth. It's that good.” (See here for the full review.)

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Program Reviewers

Michael P. Farris

Chairman of the Board Chancellor of Patrick Henry College

Michael P. Farris is Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College. Since founding HSLDA in 1983, Farris has used his extensive experience in both politics and appellate litigation to defend parental rights and help grow the organization to over 80,000 member families. He is also the founding president and current Chancellor of Patrick Henry College, a Christian institution with the mission of training studTruth In Science Reviewer Dr. Michael Farrisents through a classical liberal arts curriculum and apprenticeship methodology to impact the world “for Christ and for Liberty.” Farris has written over a dozen books, including three novels, a constitutional law textbook, and works on marriage, parenting, homeschooling, political advocacy, and religious liberty. His daily radio program, Home School Heartbeat, airs on several hundred stations nationwide. In recognition of his work in home education, Education Week has named Farris one of the “Top 100 Faces in Education of the 20th Century.” Heritage Foundation awarded him its Salvatori Award for American Citizenship in 2002. Mike and Vickie Farris live in Purcellville, Virginia, and have 10 children and 10 grandchildren.

Steve Deckard, Ed.D

Dr. Steve Deckard serves as professor of Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership at Liberty University in Lynchberg, VA. Prior Truth In Science Reviewer Dr. Steve Deckardto his position at Liberty, he served as consultant to the Chief Operations Officer and as Academic Dean at the Institute for Creation Research, following stints at Vision International College and University, Trinity Bible College, and The Kings College. He has been listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in America (2000, 2001, 2007, 54-55th and 61st editions) and Marquis Who’s Who in the World (2007 24th edition). Dr. Deckard has authored a multitude of publications and research reports along with many articles for the ICR Impact. He currently resides in Virginia.

Jill White, MS

Jill White has been recognized as a Master Teacher. She currently serves as regional accTruth In Science Reviewer Jill White, MSreditation commissioner for ACSI and elementary school principal of Christian Heritage Academy, Del City Oklahoma. Her areas of interest are curriculum development, teacher supervision and curriculum coordination. Jill holds a Masters of Science Degree in Curriculum Development and Teacher Supervision from Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA.

Dr. Kevin Anderson, Ph.D

Kevin Anderson obtained his Ph.D. from Kansas State University in microbiology. He was then a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow at the University of Illinois, and later a professor of microbiology at Mississippi State University. As a professor, he taught graduate level molecular geTruth In Science Reviewer Dr. Kevin Andersonnetics classes and served as the major professor for several doctoral and masters students. He later served as a research microbiologist for the United States Department of Agriculture before accepting his current position as Director of the Van Andel Creation Research Center (Chino Valley, AZ). Dr. Anderson has published over 20 papers in technical microbiology journals and has given presentations at numerous national and international scientific meetings. He is also currently the Editor-in-chief of the Creation Research Society Quarterly.

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