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If you have any questions about Truth In Science, give us a call toll free at 1.877.887.0222

Truth In Science Resources

Our goal at Truth In Science is to provide the best Biblically based science curriculum for today's Christian students.

We have provided additional resources that will provide help and reinforcement of the material found in the Truth In Science lessons.

Our Guided Video Tour, introduced by Dr. G. Thomas Sharp and presented by Michelle Holland, illustrates how to use the Truth In Science teaching method most effectively. This visual presentation is a quick and concise way to get up to speed with the strategies that the Truth In Science learning specialists have found to be the best teaching methods.

Our Downloads section, provides additional teaching materials such as illustrations and an addendum to the printed matter.

And, to keep up to date with the latest changes here at Truth In Science, check out our Events Schedule where you can find out about Truth In Science speakers and opportunities to visit with Truth In Science representatives.

The News page has stories and links to items of importance to the home school community, Christian educators and people of faith.

To access the Grade 3 repaginated Test Quiz or the Grade 6 repaginated Test Quiz please click on the appropriate link.

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