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Report Typos

You can help us improve the Truth In Science curriculum.

Report Typos in Truth In Science Texts

At Truth In Science we are constantly on the look out for ways to improve our curriculum. We want Truth In Science to be the best Biblically based science program on the market.

And you can help!

Sometimes even our editors can miss things. So, if you notice a typo, missing word, maybe a caption that doesn't match the picture - or anything that you think needs fixing, please let us know.

It's as simple as filling out the questionnaire below to tell us what you think needs correcting.

All fields are required. You will receive an email with your response for you records and also to let you know that we received your email.

Make sure to tell us the grade level and the text that the typo occurs in. Also, tell us the page number of the typo at the beginning of the Context Field.

Thank you!

Truth in Science

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Noble, Oklahoma 73068


Report Typos
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Text Where Typo Occurs: *

Exact Typo:

example: Gdo

Exact Correction:

example: God

Context: Phrase in which typo occurs.

example: page 134 - the world was created by Gdo.
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