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“Is Truth in Science© right for your family?”

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions when considering the Truth in Science© curriculum is: “There are already a number of very good Christian science curriculums on the market today; why is another one necessary, and what can it possibly offer that I can’t get elsewhere?” The Truth in Science© Curriculum provides your student with a quality worldview oriented science program that will strengthen his faith and increase his knowledge of science and the Bible.

right for your family

Truth in Science© curriculum is unique in several different ways.

  • It was built from the ground up to address the specific issues that challenge the faith of our young people. TIS Editor-in-Chief Dr. G. Thomas Sharp was a high school science teacher in addition to being a licensed minister who was dismayed as he watched the best of Christianity’s young sons and daughters give up the faith when confronted by secular scientific assertions. He knew that Christianity could withstand the challenges from secular science, and that these precious young people wanted to live for Christ; but their inability to stand in the face of seemingly indisputable scientific facts left them defeated by the “authority” of science. As a result, Dr. Sharp built a science curriculum that would support the Biblical reality of true science and expose the pagan philosophy behind naturalistic science.
  • It effectively incorporates true Biblical worldview with true science. It uses the Bible to disclose scientific observations that will surprise most Christians who have been led to believe that the Bible is only a book of faith. The Bible, indeed, is not a science textbook; but when it deals with any scientific issue, it is always correct.
  • The Truth in Science© curriculum offers two different methods of teaching its content:
  • A traditional, teacher-led delivery system using a comprehensive Teacher’s Edition and student Step workbooks. The Teacher’s Edition contains additional information about worldview and science that will enrich the student’s knowledge and promote exciting and rewarding discussions when shared by the teacher. The Step workbooks incorporate all of the basic worldview and science content found in the Teacher’s Edition.
  • The same Step workbooks used in the teacher-led method may be used independently as a student-led course of instruction.

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