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If you have any questions about Truth In Science, give us a call toll free at 1.877.887.0222

Our Partners

We are partnered with the American Heritage Foundation and the Creation Truth Foundation.

American Heritage Foundation

American Heritage Foundation was founded to provide an avenue to promote and fund Christian education for today’s generation. It promotes core values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, and leadership in academia. Included in those values are Biblical Worldview development and the responsibility to Christian values. As a religious, educational organization, American Heritage Foundation supports the development of the Truth In Science curriculum in a number of ways, notably by providing the core writing team and financial investment.

Creation Truth Foundation

The Creation Truth Foundation has been ministering to churches and schools around the world since 1989. It shares exciting and innovative programs that are founded in Biblical truth and driven by scientific and historic fact. All of its programs serve to educate and inspire Christians around the world. The foundation also offers more in-depth resources through its Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies, a unique, cutting-edge division of the ministry developed to support and supplement churches and schools on a long-term basis. Many Christians today are suffering from breakdowns and crises in their lives from the absence of belief in the Bible as basic truth, especially within the realm of science. Believing in the scientific and historic truth of the Bible is pivotal to belief of God's Word as absolute truth.

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