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"In the beginning... God created the heavens and the earth..." Or Did He?

Today’s committed Christian educator is faced with the serious task of raising up Godly children for the Kingdom of God. One of the foundational decisions that must be made is: Did God create the heavens and the Earth?


Biblical Christianity is being challenged in ways that it has never been challenged before, and at the core of this challenge is the Biblical truth about the authorship of the origins of the universe, life, and man. Much of secular science demands that we abandon our faith and admit that science is more reliable than the Bible when it comes to the reality around us. They say religion is for issues of faith, while science deals with physical reality. Unfortunately, many Christians readily buy into that explanation in spite of the scientific reality. What secular science will not admit is that the scientific assertion regarding the origins of the universe, life, and man is a faith assumption. The scientific method cannot tell us what actually happened; it can only hypothesize what happened. Only a historical rendition by someone who was there can accurately tell us what happened. Was anyone there at the creation of all things? Yes, there was; and He made sure it was written down for us.

The Truth in Science© curriculum can help your student settle this matter forever in his heart and mind. Our curriculum provides the student with a strong foundation in Biblical worldview, Biblical truth, and real science. Upon completion of our curriculum, we are confident that your student will be able to confidently and proudly say, “Yes, God created the heavens and the Earth.”

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