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The Tenets of Biblical and Scientific Creationism

Dr. Henry M. Morris, who gave birth to the modern renaissance of Biblical and Scientific creationism in the latter half of the Twentieth Century, and who was the Founder and the first President of The Institute for Creation Research, El Cajon, CA, developed 16 tenets of Biblical and Scientific Creationism (see below). These 16 tenets are irrefutably contained within the Bible and represent the foundational premise upon which a truthful Biblical worldview is to be built. Therefore, any properly conceived understanding of the Biblical doctrine of creation, upon which all scientific knowledge and Biblical worldview rests, must maximize, we believe, the exposure of these tenets in every science concept delivered. With permission, the Truth in Science© staff carefully and painstakingly constructed each concept of this curriculum to reflect all possible exposure to these tenets. In short, we included every tenet possible in the delivery of each science concept in order to cover all foundational worldview issues, being: (1) Our origin, (2) Our purpose, (3) Our identity, and (4) Our destiny.

Acknowledging the many good Christian science curricula already available, there is a common and conspicuous absence of Biblical Worldview integration. Carefully analyzing many of the top existing curricula against these tenets, the Truth in Science© staff became aware of many worldview weaknesses prevalent in otherwise “good” science curriculum. In most all cases, we found the science delivery excellent, but the worldview component only fair to poor.

Realizing that properly trained Christian youth will always possess Biblically based convictional faith and an insightful discernment for the spirit of Truth, it became evident that every effort must be employed for adequate worldview training. This curriculum teaches science in a way as to lead the learner to a greater appreciation and worship of the Creator. Furthermore, it provides on-task, age-appropriate answers to the salient questions facing all believing youth, regarding their Creator God and His Word.

The Truth in Science© writers have carefully and advisedly, with teacher testing and class exposure, maximized the Biblical worldview delivery without neglecting “good” science. Utilizing accepted science standards for education as a guideline, Truth in Science© should provide an exciting, student friendly science education for all students, while leading most, if not all, of the student body to a greater appreciation of his or her true origin, purpose, identity and destiny.

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